Welcome to our Cottage!

After months of lockdown and running a little deli,

we’re almost back to business as usual.

Serving some great food on real plates and drinks in actual glasses. YAY!


We’ve got a lovely terrace with lots of outside seating - most of it covered, some even heated.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of

inside seating available for now. 

That’s why you can only make an

online reservation for a table outside. 

Do you really want to sit inside?

Please send us an e-mail. 

We're open almost every day (closed on Tuesdays)


8.30 am till 10pm

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Have a look at our food and drinks menu. 

We've got your breakfast, coffee break, lunch, afternoon tea, after work drinks, dinner and dessert all sorted. 

And here's our take-away menu! 

Coffee, scones, pastries, sandwiches, rolls and pies to warm up at home. 

Every week we are serving a proper Sunday Roast at the Cottage. But for now, also for you to easily warm up at home. Beef, lamb or pork: we rotate the meat every Sunday. Of course there's always a vegetarian Roast too.


So, this is fun. You can get a three course Cottage menu for take away. All you have to do is warm up everything in the oven. It serves a family of 2 adults and 2 kids. Choose any pie you like!

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