Welcome to our Cottage!

After yet another lockdown,

we’re back to business as usual.

Serving some great food on real plates and

lovely drinks in actual glasses. YAY!

The Cottage is open from 8.30am until 22pm.

Almost every day; we're closed on Tuesdays.


With the limited amount of tables inside

it can be difficult to make a reservation at the Cottage, especially in the weekends.

But please do try!

We will always keep some spots available for walk-in.

stripes staand.jpg

Have a look at our menu. We've got your breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweet and savory snack cravings all sorted!

From our lovely old bar, we serve tasty Stooker coffee, loads of craft beers and ciders, carefully chosen wines and other exciting (soft) drinks.


Last year we got the coolest gift ever: our own theme song!

Our beloved Abel wrote "down at the Cottage" and recorded it with his amazing band "the Bayou Mosquitos"


Every week we are serving a proper Sunday Roast at the Cottage. Beef, lamb or pork: we rotate the meat every Sunday.

Of course there's always a vegetarian Roast too.


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