Roast Calendar

*we're always serving a vegetarian option too 

28 November  -  Lamb
5  December  -  Pork

12 December  -  Turkey
19 December  -  Turkey
26 December  -  closed


Make sure to book ahead for your Roast, as Sundays are busy days at the Cottage! We will try to pick up the phone whenever we can, but on these days it can be difficult to reach us, sorry! 
Know that we will always keep some smaller tables and bar seats available for walk-in. 

Take-away Roast

Now that we have to close our doors at 5pm, we are offering our Sunday Roast for take-away too!

here's how it works:

- you can order via email, up until the day before 

- pick-up between 4 and 7 pm

- Warm everything up in your oven at home

- have a great Sunday :)