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Looking back on 2021 - once again - it was a very strange year with auntie Corona asking for waaay to much attention. But, we think it’s fair to say we made the most of it! 

Our highlight of the year was that one day - end of summer - when we could finally get together with the entire Cottage Family to eat, drink and party. This day turned out to be extra special, because we got the coolest gift anyone could ever get: our own Cottage SONG!

Our dear friend Abel wrote ‘Down at the Cottage’ and played it for us that day. But then he went on and recorded it together with his amazing band The Bayou Mosquitos! AND IT IS NOW ON SPOTIFY! yess that means you can all listen to it ☺️ 

Abel, Louis, Marius, Ad and Jerney: thank you so much for this wonderful song! 

Check out for more of their music!

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